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Hubig’s Pies comeback struggles on 1st full day

Hubig’s Pies are now expected to sell for about $2.50 a pie.

NEW ORLEANS — After more than ten years, the first-day Hubig's Pies were supposed to be back on store shelves, didn't quite go as planned. 

A problem at the plant delayed shipments across the New Orleans area. Monday, a sign on the door at Zuppardo's Family Marker in Metairie let customers know there were no Hubig's for sale. The sign stopped Bob Schultz in his tracks. 

"This is what I came for, and guess what, they don't have any," Schultz said. 

Grocer Joe Zuppardo said there is still demand for the tasty treats. 

"People have been coming all morning asking do you have the Hubig's pies, do you have the Hubig's pies. Unfortunately, we have to tell them no, but it will be soon," Zuppardo said.

Zuppardo says both he and his customers are disappointed. 

"We were excited to start selling them, and we called our guy this morning when he was late, which isn't typical, and he said their wrapping machine that wraps the pies went down on them."

Hubig's brand manager Kathleen Ramsey confirmed an equipment failure at the company's new pie factory in Elmwood stopped production for a time. 

She said stores that didn't get their initial shipment should get the pies as early as Tuesday. 

"Our first run was sold yesterday at the Po Boy Fest," Ramsey said. "The second run today, we're working on it and getting them out as fast as possible."

Hubig's has struggled to return since a fire burned down the company's historic bakery in the Marigny. 

There is clearly still an appetite for the hand pies sold in area stores for more than 100 years. 

"I haven't had it in so long," customer Deborah Houston said. "Everybody's looking for them. I had a craving for them. Since they were back out, I wanted to taste it just to see if they're the same."

"I wanted a lemon and an apple, I was going to get a few," customer Brian Farmer said. "They're delicious, sweet fried goodness."

"The worse thing I'm disappointed about, they used to be ten cents," customer Bob Schultz said. "Now, what are they? I don't know what they are now. What are they $2.00?"

Hubig's Pies are now expected to sell for about $2.50 a pie.

They sold for about a $1.20 in 2012. 

Hubig's is hoping to get the pies back in stores as soon as possible. 

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