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Last-minute gift buying at Little Pnuts Toy Shoppe

Beese says business had been slow, so the holiday rush, even from last minute shoppers is much appreciated.

NEW ORLEANS — The day, Christmas Eve. The mission, search for last-minute shoppers trying to make a last dash for toys. 

How dare they wait this long, at least have the decency to shop on Christmas Eve Eve like I did. 

I just knew that little Peanuts Toy Shop on Harrison in Lakeview was the perfect location to scout out. 

I would eventually get the drop on a dad looking for some stocking stuffers for his daughters. Likely excuse.  

However, for Little Pnuts Shoppe owner Melissa Beese, these Christmas Eve shoppers are a holiday gift. 

Beese said, “it also allows the neighborhood to give back to the community as well as to support local.” 

Beese and her family opened this shop location in 2019, but like many other small businesses the pandemic brought their business to a halt. 

Things got so bad for the business that Beese says she had to close the toy shop doors from March thru June of this past year, “this is our livelihood it’s not a big corporation. We’re a small family and we’re a neighborhood toy store,” Beese said.

Business had been slow, so the holiday rush, even from last-minute shoppers was much appreciated. 

“To really give everything they can to help support us and keep us open, it’s heartwarming,” said Beese.


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