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What kids are saying about Christmas

We asked the tough questions to kids the day before Christmas and some answers may surprise you

NEW ORLEANS — Christmas can be stressful for parents, but for kids, it's an extra special holiday they look forward to each year. So we went around and asked them some tough questions about the day and what they love about it.

'Twas the day before Christmas when all through New Orleans, music was playing and kids were outside having a ball.

"It's exciting," said 9-year-old Chase and 9-year-old Ella.

"What do you know about Christmas?" we asked J.T.

"Snowflakes and Santa comes," J.T. replied.

"Presents and the Christmas trees," said 3-year-old Sammie.

This time of year is big for kids, and some just can't contain their excitement.

"Santa lives at the North Pole," said Georgia.

"And who does he live with?" we asked.

"Um, elf!" said her brother Ben.

What's on your Christmas list for Santa?" we asked Ella.

"A hamster," she replied. "I'd name it Cutie."

"A rock and roll guitar," said J.T.

"Cookies?" said Ben.

"I asked for a virtual reality set," said Chase. "I actually want the game of LIFE too."

"How does Santa get in your house?" we asked the kids.

"He goes down the chimney," said J.T.
"He squeezes in," said Georgia.

"But he can't squeeze into all the chimneys," we said.

"Because it's magic," replied Ella.

And one thing was clear, for kids, this holiday may not entirely be about what's under the tree.

"What are you looking forward to the most this Christmas?" we asked.

"Having fun with my family," said Ella.

"Celebrating for God," said Georgia.

"It's all about the giving, not the getting," added Chase.

They say it's more about who they're celebrating with.

"Are you thankful for somebody this year?"
"Yeah," said J.T, as he pointed to his mother.

Merry Christmas.

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