Bed Prep:

Step 1 – Make sure you have a good mixture of soil. Make sure the soil is loose so it can aerate before planting.

Step 2 – Build up bed for good drainage (most plants do not like to have wet feet, so building up the bed will help drainage for those rainy days)

Step 3 – Have your mulch ready for after planting to prevent weeds and keeps moisture in the soil.

Design and Planting:

Step 1 - Picking out the correct plant material – In designing your garden, it is very important to know what the plants you choose will look like at a mature level, and to make sure the plant is trimmable to keep the desired size for the overall design. (Going to a Garden Center and just picking out pretty plants is a no-no)

Step 2 – Make sure the plant material you purchase has a strong root system – If your plant is totally root bound, meaning the roots are wrapped around in a circle, you will have to cut the roots one half inch on each side of the plant before planting to stimulate the roots to take into the new soil.

Step 3 – TPG recommends layering your garden (For example, starting out with the lowest height towards the front and going up to the highest towards the back). When layering your garden, make sure you are picking out different shades of green throughout your layers.

Step 4 – Place your plants in their pots in the garden exactly where you want them before digging. Take a look at the plants from approximately 20 feet back and make sure you like the look.

Step 5 – Adjust plant material as needed before planting to make sure you like where they will be planted

Step 6 – Dig a hole 1.5 times larger than the container of the plant you purchased

Step 7 – TPG recommends dropping in agriform tablet/tablets, depending on the size of the plant, in each hole before planting

Step 8 – Once planted, put soil all the way up where the soil level was in the pot. Depending on the size of the plant, you can put up to one inch of soil on top of it if the roots are exposed.

Step 9 – After planting, put 3-4 inches of mulch on top of the soil

Step 10 – Enjoy your garden!