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AHHHH the sound of water. Half of the fountain sales come from clients that just want to be relaxed by the sound of water. When picking a fountain out, there are a couple of questions that I like to ask the clients.

The first question is where the fountain is going to be placed, which will determine the size and height of the fountain.

Secondly, in the design of fountain manufacturers, you need to look for a fountain where the reservoir (bottom part of fountain that holds water) is large enough to hold water for one inch of evaporation per day in the heat of the summer.

When we are installing fountains with our landscapes, we like to put a micro tube in the reservoir that would self-water the fountain each day.

The third thing to look for, if your design of your fountain has different tiers, that the levels are big enough to handle the over-splash of the water.

Last but not least is the finish of the fountain that would fit into your landscape to make it beautiful and bring out the best in your yard.

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