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Garden Pots:

Step 1Pick out your favorite pots: – No garden is complete without your favorite pots serving as an accent piece. Pots come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. TPG takes pride in having over 3,000 pots for you to choose from.

Photo: The Plant Gallery

Step 2Place your pots as accents in the garden: Pick out the perfect area for your pot. Even having it in the garden or next to your door, make sure you have the pots in the perfect area as accents to your garden.

Step 3Planting in your pot: Before planting your pot up, make sure to put rocks at the bottom of the pot. The rocks will help build a filter system to make sure good drainage flows through, and it will also keep the dirt from clogging the hole in the bottom of the pot. If you can see your pot from 360 degrees, plant the upright plants in the middle of the pot and the cascading plants on the outside of the pot to cascade over. If the pot is up against the wall, plant the uprights in the back of the pot and the cascading in the front to give it a layered look.