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At-risk teens help build home and learn life lessons in the process

Group of at-risk teens help build a new Lakeview home, and learn life lessons in the process.

NEW ORLEANS -- When it comes to building new homes, you wouldn't think a group of teenagers would be involved.

Sure, the contractors did the dirty work, but Steve Goulet's group from Father's House Kids helped with wood work in a newly constructed Lakeview home, and learned life lessons at the same time.

 "With the boys we deal with the things I did with my dad," said Goulet. "Working with a screwdriver and hammer, those tasks, they don't have the opportunity to do that."

Some of the boys face socioeconomic problems. Other have issues with their families, but the program helps them see past that.

"I've learned teamwork can take me really far in life,"  said Sincere Jackson, who is in the program. "I have learned boys can be men. Men can be husbands and husbands can be fathers."

Christopher Sterling learned a valuable lesson about about hard work early.

"It was pretty hard, but it taught me how to be a man," said Sterling. "It taught me how to persevere and just keep going, no matter how hard it is. So I just kept going, and this is what it ended up like," he explained, pointing to the finished home.

David Claus owned the land to make the project happen and teamed with Goulet to give the boys the opportunity. Claus says it didn't take much convincing once he learned about Father's House and how they give back.

"I was interested in what they were doing, and this guy is out on the front lines doing the work," explained Claus of Goulet. "Right off the bat I said, 'Steve, I'm in.'"

For some it's an opportunity they may not have had in their lives if it weren't for Goulet and the program. For others, it has shown you can make a difference in your life, even at a young age.

"Never be afraid to be a part of something that will better your life," Jackson said.

The group focuses on at-risk youth and tries to provide them with work opportunities. They have a basketball team as well as career program.

You can find out more about Father's House Kids here.