METAIRIE, La. -- Baby Cakes merchandise is flying off the shelves on Airline Drive.

In fact, in just five weeks, the franchise has already surpassed sales from all of 2015. Baby Cakes General Manager Cookie Rojas puts it into perspective:

"Before, Zephyrs sales were in the bottom half of all minor league baseball. Right now, we're in the top ten of all minor league baseball."

Carey Yacoubian had never bought Zephyrs gear. Monday she told us her first trip to the Baby Cakes shop, won't be her last.

"My son, who's now living in D.C. but still keeps up with what goes on in New Orleans, when he first saw that the name was Baby Cakes, he and his friends were in an uproar," said Yacoubian. "They loved it and he just had to have a t-shirt, hat and everything else that goes along with it."

There's been mixed reaction to the name change, but that's just it -- there's reaction! The franchise is a topic of conversation. What about the players? What's their take on their new name?

"Destin Hood begged us not to change the name to Baby Cakes," said Rojas. "And then when he got here and saw the uniforms he couldn't believe how beautiful they are. He's excited. I hope Destin never wears the uniform because I want him to be in the big leagues where he finished the season, but if he's down here, he loves the uniform and can't wait to wear it."

The Baby Cakes Uniforms will pay tribute to New Orleans' past minor league teams with a shield on the sleeve honoring the Zephyrs and Pelicans.

The team has also added an online store:

"Online sales have been thru the roof, but the part that gets me excited is seeing people walk thru the door," said Rojas.

For last minute Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers, the team store at the stadium is open from 9:00 a.m. to noon on Christmas Eve.