In our continued quest to save you as much time and money as humanly possible, a steal just in time for Spring Break, movie night or the ultimate upgrade to your man cave / woman cave.

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If a 70" TV is out of budget, consider an almost palm size LED projector with superb streaming capabilities, tremendous speakers and a way to turn any wall into a movie theater!

At 1200 Lumes, the iClever LED projector is small on size, big on savings and strong on performance. It brings the following features to any home:

- Great for outdoor movie nights
- Ideal for kids entertainment
- Project slideshows, stream movies or watch your favorite team on a giant wall
- Connect your Xbox, Playstation, PC, Laptop or a TV set box in seconds
- Maximum optical resolution
- Lowest recorded price
- 1080p - which is big considering many competing units are barely 720

$30 Off iClever Portable Streaming & Gaming LED Projector + Free Shipping
Was: $100.00
Now: $69.99
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