NEW ORLEANS -- A local real estate company has partnered with retail giant Walmart to bring the New Orleans area its first drive-thru grocery pickup.

The standalone grocery pickup is planned for the 600 block of Veterans Memorial Boulevard in Metairie, at the former Whitney Bank location.

The developers, Stirling Properties, said construction is set to end soon, with the two-story facility anticipated to open by the end of 2017.

How Wal-Mart grocery pickup currently works is customers order groceries online or a mobile app. When their order is ready, they are directed to a certain parking spot at the pickup store, where an attendant puts the groceries in their vehicle.

Developers said the new standalone site would add an extra location to customers for grocery pickup in Metairie, along with the store in the 8900 block of Veterans Boulevard.

"Consumer shopping behaviors are changing—they want choices and they demand convenience," said Joe Gardner with Sterling Properties.

Gardner added he hopes the site will spur more standalone grocery pickup locations.