If you want one of the best views of the French Quarter and the Central Business District, head across the bridge to the West Bank. Algiers Point offers postcard pictures of New Orleans.

For people like Isabel Groedel, it offers even more. "This is where it's like peace and quiet, and I love Algiers. It is old and it hasn't changed much and I really appreciate that about this neighborhood."

Now, one developer has plans that could change that serene feeling. On YouTube you can find an animation of a project that a company called Gulfwater Properties presented to the city and Algiers residents back in February. Shortly after Eyewitness News inquired with the company about the project, the video was taken down.

Instead of quiet views of the city skyline, the project would offer a restaurant, seminar room, snack bar, raised deck, swimming pool and even a beach.

"I personally wouldn't come here because it wouldn't be that same offering," said Groedel.

Derrick Martin with the Algiers Economic Development foundation said it could bring a huge financial boost to the area.

"This isn't a Freret Street," he said. "This isn't Magazine Street."

It's the unknown that has Martin and some other local residents worried.

Martin said he thinks residents need to see an economic impact study and concrete plans on the venture.

Others, like Wayne Munster said change is inevitable. "I think it's the future. Future’s so big that you're not going to be able to stop it."

But other's like Groebel are hoping things remain the same.