NEW ORLEANS - In the middle of South Hennessey Street just off Canal is a growing road hazard, a growing, or I should say, deepening hole that will really shake up vehicles and drivers, and has neighbors upset enough to try and take action themselves.

"You could see that water meter was moving as people were hitting the hole,” said Lulu, a neighbor who lives a couple of doors away. “So a guy, the neighbor around the corner, went around and found some of these abandoned things, and brought the caution tape, and we put all this up, and put that up, so people would quit hitting it, because they were bottoming out. I mean it is like Kaboom, Kaboom!"

The hole formed along an unfinished repair job for a broken water pipe, so for three weeks, neighbors said they emailed the Sewerage and Water Board for help.

"It's a bad spot to have a hole that will tear your undercarriage out,” Lulu said. “They'll be parking everywhere."

Our first visit out here was on Tuesday. That afternoon I contacted the Sewerage and Water Board and asked them to take action quickly out here. When I told them about the Endymion parade concerns, they got right out here.

"When we say the asphalt truck, everybody ran up to the window, and was all excited," said Jared Shearman, who works at the John Fox and Associates law firm next to the site.

The repair crew arrived the next morning, and got the job done.

"Really bad pothole, probably a sinkhole,” Shearman noted, so happy to see the repair work. “The whole street might have caved in. I'm just glad that you all came out, and someone finally did something. It had been long enough. Sewerage and Water Board made your week? Pretty much."