NEW ORLEANS — New roofs, new homes, new buildings in Sherwood Forest in New Orleans east. When you take a look at the neighborhood from 2017 -- you can see how much has been rebuilt-- but even two years later-- empty lots, ripped up blue tarp and rubble reminds you about what happened.

“I heard a strange noise. It was a deep rumbling sound,” Pastor Jeffery Friend said.

A sound Pastor Friend of suburban Baptist Church says he'll never forget. Two years ago, an EF-3 tornado tore through his neighborhood.

“I watched the house shake, I saw holes in the walls, I saw windows blow, I saw the daylight through my roof,” he said.

Pastor friend’s home was badly damaged, but his church was leveled to a pile of bricks.

“Everything outside was in disarray,” he said.

“It was just horrible. I was laying on the floor, when I looked out here the poles were down, the windows popped out,” homeowner Debra Arnolie said.

Homes, businesses and churches were completely destroyed. Some people still haven't recovered-- but a lot of this neighborhood has, including the pastor's church.

“Overall, we all were blessed,” she said. “We didn't lose lives. We can replace this house, but we can't replace a life.”

And pastor friend says that's enough reason to be thankful.

“I look at it joyously because when I looked at it the day off I said man it's a wrap because it looked worse than it did after Katrina, it looked worse,” Pastor Friend said.