BATON ROUGE – The signs of a mourning community were evident all across Baton Rouge Tuesday with black and blue ribbons, flowers and flags at half staff.

There are also other signs and calls for people to come together and push past the grief and anger to move toward understanding and unity.

“I think it’s important that we have peace in Baton Rouge and I think it’s important that we all live together,” said “Boo” Moore, the owner of Don’s Seafood.

Signs by a group called ‘Together Baton Rouge’ were popping up Tuesday. They said “We refuse to be divided.”

“We call upon all of our citizens to show respect for our police officers, but we also call upon our police officers to show respect for our citizens,” said Reverend Lee T. Wesley of the Bible Baptist Church. “It is a two-way street and we must respect each other if we’re going to move this community forward.”

“We as a city will need to practice listening to one another,” said Patti Snyder of the Unity Presbyterian Church. “We all need to practice speaking to one another and we will need to practice moving forward consistently and standing together so that racism and the systems that hold that system up are brought down and we move forward as a city together.”

In the midst of positive signs all around, Boo Moore’s prayer for peace was promising.

“I think it has to be possible, I think it is. There are too many nice people in Baton Rouge, of one color or the other, or both colors. It's just, I don't think we can let a few people come into our city and ruin it for everybody.”