NEW ORLEANS – As the city explores where to put the Confederate monuments, a museum with strong ties to the Jefferson Davis monument says it would gladly take it, as well as the others.

The executive director of the Beauvoir Estate in Biloxi, Tom Payne, said it only makes sense for the Jefferson Davis monument to end up there, and the museum would take the rest if the city agrees.

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Beauvoir is where Jefferson Davis lived during retirement. The estate is about an hour and a half away from New Orleans in Mississippi.

Payne said the 52-acre estate has a museum where the monuments could be put in the correct historical context.

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"I think it's a win-win for the Mayor's office, City of New Orleans and for us,” said Payne. “They said they wanted them in a museum, well we're a museum. We'll take them off their hands and end some of the controversy surrounding them. We want them, no question."

Payne said he’s reached out to the city and is waiting to hear something back.