NEW ORLEANS — The New Orleans Police Department has released body camera video of a shooting that took place on Jan. 4 that left one man killed and an officer shot twice.

Police say five officers responded to a possible suicide attempt in the 2300 block of Orleans Avenue around 10 p.m.

The body camera video shows officers approaching the home and shortly after a man opens the front door with a gun in his hand. A woman is then heard repeatedly screaming, ‘He got a gun! He got a gun!’ The woman runs from the house and by the officers.

The man is still standing in the doorway of the home with a gun in his hand as officers continue to approach with their guns drawn. The officers can be heard saying to the suspect, ‘Drop the gun.’

Screaming continues from inside the home then the man walks out of the doorway moving toward police and firing his gun. Three NOPD officers fire back, striking the suspect with some of the shots. The body camera video shows one of the officers reloading his gun after gunfire is exchanged with the suspect. An officer is then heard saying, ‘Where is he at?’ as he moves from behind a parked motorcycle. He is then heard saying ‘Don’t move. Where is the gun?’ to the suspect.

After the officer takes the gun from the wounded suspect, he moves away and is then heard saying, ‘I’ve been shot, I’ve been shot! Right here!’

NOPD identified the officer shot as Mario Bravo. Police say he was shot in the chest while wearing a bulletproof vest.  He was taken to an area hospital and released a day after the shooting took place.

The suspect was later identified as 33-year-old Zonell Williams.

NOPD Chief Michael Harrison said the video shows that Williams fired first.

“It clearly depicts that the person involved in this police-involved shooting, that citizen, actually fired at our officer. We have evidence that our officer was struck in the vest… our officers returned fire upon being fired upon,” Harrison said.

He said the officers had little time to react to the incident.

“It is shocking to the conscience. The officers literally had a split second as to how they would respond,” he said.

All five officers involved in the shooting have been reassigned, but could return to duty shortly.