PONCHATOULA, La. -- Residents say they never know when brown water will flow from

Brown water flowing out of faucets and even through the pipes of one school over the weekend.

It's a scene all too familiar for many people living in Ponchatoula.

"I told Lisa, come take a look at this, is it back again!? And sure enough, she came in and said, 'Oh yeah, it's back again," Ponchatoula resident Daniel Funk said.

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Funk and his wife Lesa are tired of the dark colored water lurking in his tub.

"I mean, it's handfuls of stuff," Funk said. "I mean, you could actually scoop it out of there."

The Funks said the dark-colored water started up again on Friday. Not too far from their home, Perrin Early Learning Center's staff also noticed brown water coming out of their tap.

"I just want to know what it is," Funk said. "Can it hurt you? And what we have to do to fix it?"

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Eyewitness News first began hearing complaints about the water in Ponchatoula last March, then in September and again in November.

Mayor Bob Zabbia said the problems at the school were likely caused because the pipes weren't used over the holiday break.

"The public works department went down there, checked it out and began to flush some of the lines in the area. And naturally any time you flush lines, you're going to get some brown water in most cases," Zabbia said.

Zabbia also believes weather played a factor in the recent brown water. Zabbia said the incidents recently have been isolated and that the wells throughout the city are being treated properly.

"We know that the well sources have manganese," Zabbia said. "We're treating that. We're alsoputtingg phosphates in to soften the water a little bit."

Despite the Mayor's reassurances, Lisa and Daniel Funk remain skeptical.

"They say it's safe, but we don't know that," Lisa Funk said.

"Ponchatoula used to have the best water in the Parish. It's gotten to the point where you can't even take a bath in it," Daniel Funk said.