NEW ORLEANS — If you look outside on Bourbon Street Friday night, it looks like any weekend night on the popular street. But just over the last day, two shootings have taken place there.

Thursday night, a Louisiana State Trooper shot a man who was driving his car the wrong way down the one-way. Then, Friday at noon, a man shot a female worker at a daiquiris shop. 

Both happened less than 24 hours apart and they're not keeping locals or visitors away.

"I'm not like judging New Orleans or anything like that, it could happen anywhere," said Scott Smith, who is in town from Memphis and heard the Thursday night shooting. "When I heard the gunshots I came over here immediately to see what was going on."

Surveillance video shows a car turned the wrong way on a one-way at the 200 block of Bourbon Street. State police chased after him, but as the driver kept pushing forward, one trooper pulled out his gun and shot once. The driver was wounded in his stomach and taken to the hospital. Police officials said he is stable. 

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About 15 hours later, almost in the same location, another shooting happened at Mangos Mangos Daiquiris.

"Right around the corner, shooting again, what's going on Bourbon?" questioned New Orleans resident King Solomon, who frequents the Quarter.

Solomon heard both shootings.

"Came on Bourbon waiting for the band to play, 'pow,'" he recalls. "Again? Come on New Orleans, let's do something about this on Bourbon."

According to New Orleans police officials, a man shot a female worker in the stomach at the daiquiris shop around noon Friday. We're told her injuries are not life threatening. Police told us they are unclear what led to the shooting. The suspect left the scene and police are actively looking for him. 

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"Just one of those bad days I guess," Smith said. 

Even with both shootings, it's a busy Friday night on Bourbon as usual.

"Well it could happen anywhere," Smith said. 

It can happen anywhere, but when it happens here, it makes headlines.

"It ain't Bourbon, it's the crazy that come on Bourbon. It ain't Bourbon, Bourbon is fantastic," Solomon said.