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Choppa honored for song, has one thing to say to LA Rams

"I'm honored to be carrying the torch in the spirit of the city right now."

NEW ORLEANS — The New Orleans City Council took action Thursday, demanding change from the NFL and asking for a review of the league's existing rules. Council members also honored one man, whose song became this season's anthem for the Saints.

The New Orleans City Council Thursday joined a growing number of people who are calling officials out for what didn't happen Sunday.

"We all know the Who Dat Nation got a raw deal this weekend," said Helena Moreno, Council Member-At-Large. "Mr. Goodell, we are not just a small city that can't be walked all over. We are the Who Dat Nation, and we will continue to speak up for our Saints and for our city."

"There's a difference between not performing and being robbed," said Councilman Jay H. Banks. "And I truly understand the frustration of all fellow New Orleanians as it relates to this. What I don't understand is the silence of the NFL."

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"This is not just for the Who Dat Nation, it's for the fans across America," stated Council Member-At-Large, Jason Williams. "Because no team would want a game taken from them like it was the Saints."

They passed a proclamation demanding a thorough review of the NFL's procedures and policies and incorporating more replays.

"We know the council has no say, but it expresses intent of the council and it expresses what we feel and our city feels and that's the purpose of a resolution," Council member Kristin Palmer said. 

A tough subject, but there was reason to celebrate.

"I'm honored to be the one to carry the torch in the spirit of the city right now," said Choppa.

After, the council recognized Choppa, whose song spread all over the city and worked its way into Saints fans' hearts.

"What is it like?" he said. "It's just one of the best feelings in the world right now knowing my city is behind me and rooting for me. It's one of those times in your life you want to run home to mom and say look what I got!"

While saddened about the season's end, he's thankful for everyone. That is, except for one team.

"My message for the Rams is don't do my dance no more," he said.

And as people say they're boycotting the Superbowl, he says he's doing the same. And is also busy preparing for next season, maybe, with something new fans can celebrate too.

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