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Community garden honors victims of Esplanade crash

It's small, but special. It honors the nine victims, including the two killed, Sharree Walls and David Hynes.

NEW ORLEANS — A new memorial has been created along Esplanade Avenue with the help of the community. Now, those behind it are encouraging people to come see if for themselves.

It's been three months since the deadly drunk driving crash on Esplanade Avenue took the lives of two bicyclists and injured seven others. Still, people are haunted.

"We heard it," said Karen Terranova. "The sound was horrid. There were parts of bikes across the street, parts of bikes scattered, it was terrible. I think about it constantly."

However, she said she hopes a new garden alongside Terranova's Super Market will shine beauty on that dark situation.

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"I just wanted to find something light and happy in a very tragic circumstance," said Karen. "I think my husband, my daughter and myself designed it because we were here that night and we were vested in pleasing other people."

It's small, but special. It honors the nine victims, including the two killed, Sharree Walls and David Hynes.

"It's hard," said Karen."But just to see everybody stopping and enjoying it, is awesome."

Eyewitness News spoke with some neighbors who say they appreciate this memorial garden.

"It was a sad situation and I think it should have some kind of memorial," said Steve Chaplain. "I'm very excited they put it here."

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From the flower colors...

"The last picture Sharree sent her dad, she had like a headband on and it was all red and white," said Terranova.

To a fruit statue...

"I was told every time David was invited to someone's house he brought a pineapple," she said.

The details tell a story.

"Each one of these Fleur-de-Lis stepping stones signifies a person injured that night," she added.

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As people try and move past what happened, they instead think about those affected and say this little piece of land is for them. A spot that'll keep their memories growing in the hearts of many for some time.

"I hope that Sharree's parents and David's wife and family see this and appreciate the love that went into it," said Terranova.

"This is New Orleans, this is what we do," said Chaplain. "People just get together, around the world, people rally to tragedy, and here too."

A dedication ceremony will be held this upcoming Saturday at the memorial with the Krewe of Red Beans. It's open to whoever is interested.

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