NEW ORLEANS — There was no shortage of pig-puns, award-winning barbecue or fundraising spirit this weekend as thousands gathered at the Lakefront for the Hogs for the Cause festival. 

Sunday was the last day to pig out at the 11th annual festival, which organizes fundraising teams to compete in cooking contests such as the "High on the Hog" test for grand champion and "Porkporri" preparations. 

The funds from cooking teams and the proceeds from festival-goers buying their barbecue go to support children battling pediatric brain cancer and their families.

According to organization officials, Hogs for the Cause has donated more than 800 direct grants to families and children's hospitals in the south since its start.

And this year's two-day festival was the most successful to date, organizers said. 

Hundreds of thousands of dollars were raised as more than 90 teams competed in this year's cook-off, with the top fundraising team, "Fleur De Que," raising $442,422 for their cause. 

People like Jonathan Fox, who traveled from Atlanta with his restaurant "Foxeria Del Sol," to compete in the festival said the event makes a real impact for those in need.  

"You can donate money to a lot of places but when you see it make an immediate impact on someone, it really gets you keep going and makes you try harder to keep doing what you do," Fox said. 

Fox was among those who spent time with children like Isabella, one of the first to receive support from the organization as she battled cancer almost 10 years ago. 

Isabella is now cancer free, but was given a grant from Hogs for the Cause as she fought for her life. Isabella's grandmother, Belinda Meyer, said the organization is like family. 

"These people are amazing. They are not friends, they become family. We then go to Atlanta and then visit them. It's really amazing what they do," Meyer said. 

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Below is the list of this year's competition winners: 

High on the Hog Grand Champion:
Aporkalypse Now

The Top Fundraising Team:
Fleur De Que raised $442,442

Whole Hog
Mr. Pigglesworth

Friday Night Party
The Boars Nest

Fan Favorite
Mr. Pigglesworth

The Porkyard

Blue Plate Mayonaisse “Best Side”
Sweet Swine O Mine

Neuske’s Bacon

Tabasco “Best Sandwich”
Notorious PIG

Pork Butt

Mr. Pigglesworth

Aporkalypse Now

Swine Krewe

House of Hogs

Team Stabbin

Piglet Fundraising

Pig Star ($4000)