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Residents at Metairie Towers set to wait another 12 months before moving back in

Residents are deciding whether to sell as repair wait times continue.

JEFFERSON PARISH, La. — William Perry owns an apartment at Metairie Towers, but during hurricane Ida the 219-unit building was evacuated and the storm blew the roof off.

Residents were initially told it would be a year before they could move back in.

"Lloyds of London is handling the claim for Ida. They send contractors and an engineer, to the building and they decide they want to test the water system," Perry said.

However, months after the storm, the contractor hired by the insurance company to restore electricity and water service, instead caused a flood.

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"Destroyed my kitchen and bathroom, the most expensive parts, that weren't actually damaged from IDA," Perry said.

The delays cost residents like Perry thousands of dollars.

"You have a six-figure plus investment, and you can't reach it, you can't go to it, you can't touch it, you can't use it, it's just costing you money," Perry said.

Last Friday, he filed a lawsuit against the Lloyds London, the contractor. 

"The defendants acted negligently by prematurely and without proper safety protocols, precautions and personnel, recharged/opened the water system to the property, which caused ongoing continuing damages," the suit reads.

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In a letter to the building association, developer William Mains expressed his interest in purchasing the building. Mains said he would "construct a wonderful new structure that would offer the premier residence."

As for Perry he just wants someone to take the apartment off his hands, his apartment, with many others, is now for sale. 

"Mine is for sale, and a lot of them are for sale, but realistically we're stuck with them," Perry said.

Eyewitness News reached out to Metairie Towers Condominium Association board, but has not heard back yet.

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