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Turn your car into a Saints-mobile for $50

See how to bling out your ride to show your Saints pride. It can cost quite a bit, but doesn't have to!

NEW ORLEANS — Saints fever is in high gear as the Black and Gold prepare for their first playoff game of the season on Sunday. 

People are even decking out their cars, so Eyewitness News went out in search of how much bling you can get for $50 professionally or when it's do-it-yourself (DYI).

We began with our own 2010 Ford Explorer, the mission to turn it into a Bless You Boys work of art.

Our budget was 50 bucks. 

First, we stopped to see Kevin Kempf at PG NOLA in Gretna. The shop has won multiple awards for custom car wraps and a lot of customers have come in for a black and gold special.  We asked Kempf how much gold we could put on our car.

"How much gold? Depends on how much you have," Kempf said chuckling.

Kempf said you have to be careful because you can't print just anything, customers have to be the licensed owners of logos.  He suggested thinking of decorating with black and gold details or pictures.

"As far as custom yeah, if somebody a picture of their kids or a dog that's easy to do," Kempf said. 

We left him to come up with something unique while we gathered paint, supplies and glitter for our DYI side of the car.  

That's when we met Bob Graham, who's done multiple portraits for the team. This Wednesday, he's helped us come up with easy designs for our car.

"Well, you got your fleur-de-lis of course, and the helmet has a fleur-de-lis on it which is great, you can do cartoons of Drew Brees," Graham said.

That gave us an idea: How about an action shot? 

So with $30 of supplies from our local craft store, we set out to bling out our car. It took Kempf about 10 minutes to turn our passenger side into a shiny black and gold billboard featuring Eyewitness News's favorite Saints cheerleader, Carl Arredondo. 

On the other side, after about 30 minutes, Graham brought to life Saints' running back Alvin Kamara, No. 41.

"Kamara just doesn't get tackled, he just slides and does his thing, I love it all," Graham said. 

Graham said the sky's the limit when it comes to designs.  But at the end of the day, both designers said people should choose whatever decor makes them happy with Who Dat pride.

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