NEW ORLEANS - Many southeast Louisiana residents know what it's like to lose their car in a flood.

A half million were flooded in the 2005 hurricanes, last summer 100,000 when rivers in Louisiana overflowed and now Saturday's downpour.

In the past, people have even tried to sell flooded cars illegally as if they never flooded. But what if you could prevent losing your vehicle in the next heavy rain, and it was easy?

Right near the Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club, Maurice Isles signed away his flooded car to a tow operator Wednesday.

"I'm worried about the computer and other things that could get wet on it that make the car go bad," said Isles.

In Lakeview, at the Soft Touch Car Wash on Canal Blvd., owner Rachelle Bourg says they've been flooded with people using the wet vacs to dry their flooded cars and even dangerously using the dry vacs to do the same.

"From Sunday to today, we've had dozens of people coming in," she said.

We showed off a new technology that literally zips up your car and asked if they would spend a few hundred dollars to never have a flooded vehicle or have to fight for a spot on the neutral ground again.

"We actually lost two vehicles at Soft Touch for Hurricane Katrina. I would have loved to have a bag 12 years ago," said Bourg.

The bag she is talking about is called EVP for Extreme Vehicle Protection. The creators say it's made from 100 percent recyclable plastics. The thin bag is high density, tear and puncture resistant, able to withstand compression underwater that is two to even three feet for hours. Only 12 have been ordered by people in southeast Louisiana, even though it costs less than most insurance deductibles. Two people can put it on a vehicle and zip it up in less than 10 minutes.

Isles said he would like to use one.

"Sure would. Sure would. I'd love to do that. I don't feel like going through this because I got to go in there, I got to get a rent-a-car. I got to wait," Isles said complaining of all the things he has to go through since his car flooded.

It's all the things he calls the discomforts of life.

The insurance commission won't know how many cars were lost on Saturday for a few weeks. The City of New Orleans says it gave courtesy tows for 69 cars in the streets.

The EVP bag comes in many sizes for vehicles, boats on trailers, motorcycles, tractors, ATVs, even for your lawn furniture during a hurricane. Some contractors are using them during remodeling instead of pods and working around the covered furniture in the middle of the room. The maker is talking to insurance companies about giving a rate discount for owners.

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The company says if you do a phone order and mention that you saw this WWL-TV story, you will get a $50 discount. Call 1-631-780-5312.