NEW ORLEANS -- A woman is dead after police said someone hit her with a vehicle while she was riding her bike.

It happened around 10 p.m. Wednesday in the 2900 block of Leon C. Simon Drive.

Authorities said the 29-year-old Monique Massey's cousin told them she was behind the bicyclist in the right-hand lane when a black SUV-type vehicle hit the cyclist. The witness then told police the crash caused the woman to flip over the SUV and onto the ground.

Police said the woman, identified as Monique Massey, was brought by ambulance to the hospital, where she later died.

"We think that this vehicle will be easily recognized and will not be able to be driven among the city. We're ... going to body shops, going to anywhere it is possible to give us as much information as possible to identify this vehicle," said Traffic Commander Anthony Micheu.

Micheu added police were able to retrieve some parts or debris from the SUV.

Another witness who saw the accident tried to catch up to the vehicle, but told police they lost sight of it on Leon C. Simon Drive. Neither of the witnesses was able to get a license plate number.

Investigators believe it was a black SUV-type vehicle, possibly a Jeep, that has heavy to moderate damage to the front bumper, hood and the windshield may be smashed. It also was described to have tinted windows.

Anyone with information about this hit-and-run is asked to call Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111.