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Carjacking victim: I'm angry, but I feel sad for these kids

As he was grabbing the kid to pull him out, it was the frightened look on the boy’s face which prompted her husband to let go.

NEW ORLEANS — The Jones family car was stolen from them earlier in the week.

When it was returned to Amy and her husband, the SUV was littered with buds of weed, spilled soda and half-smoked blunts.

“It’s not a big deal for you guys just having fun and joy riding, smoking pot and everything else in our vehicle,” said Jones

Jones said the car was running while her husband was packing up the car for school. You can see in the video her husband attempting to grab one of the carjackers out of the car. Jones says he told her it was a young kid who jumped in their car to steal it.

As he was grabbing the kid to pull him out, it was the frightened look on the boy’s face that prompted her husband to let go.

“My husband thought he was actually going to jump out of the passenger side to get back into the Range Rover because he looked that scared,” said Jones.

The mother of two says a few nights after the theft initially happened, she was comforting her crying one-year-old with a head rub and kisses and it hit her.

“These kids don’t get that. They don’t have love. They don’t get to feel safety or security. As angry as I am that this happened to us, because it is affecting me, I feel really sad for these kids. It’s really pretty horrifying.”

Jones says as someone from this city, she remains hopeful that the true spirit of New Orleans, that ”thing” that brings us all together will be the thing that pulls us all through.

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