WALKER, La. – A woman was shot to death by her ex-boyfriend, who then jumped to his death from the Mississippi River Bridge according to police.

The Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office, Ricardo Diaz shot and killed his ex-girlfriend, Lydia Johnston, inside her home on the night of March 12. According to police, the shooting took place in front of seven children and one other adult. Johnston and Diaz had four of those children together.

“We had been called to this address before for domestic-type issues,” Sheriff Jason Ard said. “In this particular case, Johnston had a current protective order against Diaz. We also know that Diaz had recently – earlier this month – bonded out of jail for violating that protective order.”

Police say Diaz shot Johnston multiple times. She was taken to the hospital in critical condition, where she later died, as police pursued Diaz.

Police followed Diaz to West Baton Rouge Parish, where he stopped on the Mississippi River Bridge and jumped to his death, according to Ard.

“All this because of a troubled relationship,” the sheriff said. “It is our understanding that Johnston ended the relationship with Diaz. She had moved on. He apparently didn’t want to accept that reality.”