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'She probably would have forgiven them,' carjacking victim's family says

Linda Frickey's family reflects on her life after her gruesome death at the hands of four carjackers.

NEW ORLEANS — The family of Linda Frickey says she was the go-to person for everyone in her life. They remembered her fondly one day after she was killed in a violent carjacking in Mid-City after leaving her job. 

"She was the one always at home at 4:30 getting our kids when we weren't there. You could call Linda at any moment and she'd help you with anything,' said Jinnylynn Griffin, one of Linda's sisters.

She was the grandmother, who taught young kids to sew. She was the wife, who ran the household. She was the mother, and soon to be mother-in-law, who was a best friend.

"She was kind and would do everything for everyone, even the worst people who would hurt her. She was there no matter what for you," said Krystle Masanz, her son's fiancée.

At 73, she was the insurance agent who took care of her clients' personal needs. Simply put, she taught and lived forgiveness.

Kathy Richard, he sister-in-law, believes she even would've forgiven her killers.

"She herself probably would've forgiven them."

The family says they are especially broken up over the way she died.

New Orleans Police Superintendent Shaun Ferguson says he will push the district attorney's office to try the suspects- all juveniles- as adults. According to Ferguson, the parents of the suspects were in contact with the NOPD.

Frickey's family say they will be at every court appearance. 

Her husband, Ricky, says she planned to retire in November so the pair could live out their golden years together.

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