NEW ORLEANS — The most prolific serial killer in U.S. history is now connected to another case in New Orleans. Samuel Little is currently serving multiple life sentences for the deaths of three California women in the 1980s.

Little told investigators he is responsible for about 90 killings across the country. This week, the FBI released new details about an alleged murder Little says he committed in New Orleans East.

 "She was pretty, light-colored, honey brown skin," Little said with a small smile in a videotaped prison interview. "She was tall for a woman. Beautiful shape. And, uh, friendly."

According to Little, he drove the woman to the Little Woods exit off Interstate 10, where he turned down a dirt road along a canal.  

"That's the only one that I ever killed by drowning," Little said.

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Sandra Wyatt says when she heard about this case on WWL-TV, she immediately got chills thinking about her sister Andretta Wyatt who disappeared in July 1983.

"All we know is she went out one night and she never came back home," Wyatt said.

The Gretna woman and her daughter Ashonta Wyatt say many of the facts in this murder are similar to Andretta's case.

They said she met a man at an Algiers nightclub, the night she went missing.

Little sketched the victim, describing her as a black woman, 30 to 40 years old , five feet and nine inches tall and weighing around 150 pounds.

"All of those little small details line up to what my aunt looked like in 1983," Ashonta Wyatt said. "If nothing else, for her children's sake, for her sister's sake, we just want to know if this is or isn't my aunt."

Some facts don't match up however, such as Little's claim that his victim told him she lived with her sickly mother and acted as her caretaker.

"My auntie could have possibly just said that to maybe play on some heart string of his, to not harm her," Ashonta Wyatt said.

Andretta Wyatt's family members claim she wouldn't have just disappeared. In fact, they say that she was planning a birthday party for one of here children and that party would have been held the day after she vanished.

"My sister was good people," Sandra Wyatt said. "My sister wouldn't harm nobody. The same night my sister didn't come home I knew something bad done happened."

"Something terrible happened to her that day and we're just hoping that this could finally be the road that leads to the closure my family deserves," Ashonta Wyatt said.

We forwarded this information to the FBI and investigators are expected to reach out to the Wyatt family.

In addition to his two New Orleans victims, Little has admitted to a third Louisiana killing, near Monroe.