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Glass shop fixing 15-20 shattered windows a day - offers 'monthly deal'

The owner of Jazz Auto Glass says he's seeing some customers for the 2nd or 3rd time.

NEW ORLEANS — Car break-ins can cost people a hefty penny and auto glass repair shops are trying to keep up with demand.

From parking lots, to neighborhoods, car break-ins in New Orleans are happening daily.

"Come out to your car and the windows are all broken, this is ridiculous," said one frustrated woman.

"Every day, every night now, it's getting more bold," said another citizen.

These incidents can shatter peoples' sense of security, and in some cases, their budgets.

"I'm a student and I work as a bartender part time," said one woman. "So I just paid like $200, which isn't in my budget, to fix my window."

Owner of Jazz Auto Glass, Leonard Smith, says cars are constantly coming in. Sometimes, after having just been there.

"So we're fixing 15 to 20 a day," Smith said. "And let me tell you I feel terrible. Matter of fact, we're doing an Infiniti and this is their third time coming."

Replacing a window can cost a couple hundred dollars. However, with so many people falling victim, Smith created a monthly membership to help drop the cost.

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"Most door glasses, they're just as much as a windshield," he said. "So you're going to be paying a lot of money. The more expensive the vehicle the more expensive that door glass is, so you've got to be ready to pay $175 to $200 generally speaking. It's going to take about an hour, hour and a half. And then a lot of people don't realize when you change a door glass, that regulator, or the part that it sits on, can be broken from the impact of that broken glass. So you may have to change that regulator which is another $150 to $200."

For Smith, it's a catch 22 because business is good, but he gets the community's frustrations.

"They're hitting the same streets over and over," he stated. "It's repeated nonsense. You never know when it's your turn. So it's best to be ready and mindful these things are happening. Get your valuables out of the car, be ready, be protect, and just know that until these problems are resolved it could happen to you."

And like so many, he hopes some sort of solution is found to help put the brakes on this growing problem.

If you'd like to reach out to Smith at Jazz Auto Glass on South Broad and ask about the discounted membership price to fix windows, you can call him at 504-827-5551.