KENNER, La. -- A man recently released early from prison due to a new package of state laws is back behind bars after being arrested four more times since November according to police.

Alton Brooks Jr. was most recently arrested Friday after Kenner Police said he was shoplifting at a Winn Dixie on Williams Boulevard.

The 49-year-old man was released Nov. 1, along with hundreds of other inmates who got another shot at life due to a new set of state laws that overhauled the criminal justice system.

Under Act 280, non-violent offenders are eligible for good time release after serving 35 percent of their sentence.

Kenner Police said Brooks has a 51-page criminal history in Jefferson Parish alone.

Since his Nov. 16 release, Brooks was arrested four times for charges including theft and battery of a police officer. In all four cases, Kenner Police said he was released from the parish correctional center due to overcrowding.

Police said Brooks is being held without bond.