NEW ORLEANS -- NOPD officers will only respond to calls in two-person occupied vehicles until further notice, Police Chief Michael Harrison said Sunday.

Despite the order, Harrison said there is no current 'credible threat' on NOPD officers.

The move comes after three officers were killed and three others wounded Sunday morning in Baton Rouge.

Later Sunday, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office followed suit, saying that until further notice, deputies would be working in two-person cars.

The Fraternal Order of Police apparently had made a request to Harrison to get rid of single-person cars following the shooting of officers in Dallas. Officers are allowed to ride in single-person cars, but they cannot respond to a call if they are by themselves.

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Harrison said that the measure would likely slow response to calls that previously would have been handled by a single officer.

"This is a time of adversity," said Harrison. "I'm here to make sure that our officers know that we support them."

Harrison said the move will be in effect until further notice. The move comes for a police department that is already struggling to meet desired staffing levels.