NEW ORLEANS -- With his arm in a sling, Sgt. Delaney Jordan struggles with the numbness in his fingers.

"Just in these two fingers ... this right here, I can't feel it," Sgt. Jordan.

He is now out of the hospital after being shot in the chest and attacked during an apparent carjacking Tuesday night. Around 11:30 p.m., Jordan, who's been with the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office for 8 years, was off-duty and leaving his parents home in the 7800 Block of Brevard Avenue when a car drove by.

"I got in the car. Got situated, cell phone connection, and I went to start the vehicle and a car pulled up on the side of me," Jordan said.

A man wearing a mask started yelling at him.

"He said, 'get out of the car!' And I thought it was a game...cause it was a small caliber weapon and he's a small guy and he had a ski mask on," Jordan said.

Jordan got out the suspect demanded he hand over his keys.

"He told me get on my knees. I said okay, I got on my knees. He said where's the money?? I don't have any money I just have my wallet and my credentials," Jordan said.

The suspect then tried getting into Jordan's car. Jordan says he jumped on him.

"I had control of him, but he has the weapon underneath," he said.

The gun went off.

"He shot me in my chest. I didn't know I was shot in my chest--not just yet. I ran around my car, fell down and realized I did get hit in my chest. He jumped in his car. Drove off. And I waited for EMS and police," Jordan said.

Jordan says he's struggling with damaged nerves and has to undergo two months of therapy. He's still in a lot of pain, but Jordan wants to send a message to everyone listening, never let your guard down.

"Before you come outside, look around you. You know, and once you get into your vehicle just start it and go. You can always get situated in a public place. But don't just sit there because you're a sitting duck," Jordan said.