NEW ORLEANS - Safety is a major concern for some Algiers residents after a woman was sexually assaulted while jogging along the levee.

People who live in Algiers say they're not used to seeing a lot of police activity, they're shocked a woman was recently sexually attacked on the levee in the 700 Block of Patterson Drive.

"I was horrified because I always thought the river was natural protection for this neighborhood,' Marla Krause who lives in Algiers said.

Others say they hope the crime like the attack at the levee doesn't happen again.

"People can't enjoy this area without a psychotic or unusual character to harm someone else, it's wrong," Dennis Whaley, another Algiers resident said.

New Orleans Police said a woman was jogging at the levee, when an unidentified man was sitting on a bench, grabbed the victim from behind and choked her. When the victim fought back, that's when the suspect ran away.

According to Eyewitness News Crime Analyst Jeff Asher, there's been an increase in crimes in Algiers in the last year.

Burglaries are up 11 percent, shootings, fatal or non fatal, like the one on Cypress Grove Court are up 4 percent. Auto theft jumped almost 30 percent but the biggest increase is rape and sexual battery, nearly 50 percent.

In the last two days there have been two armed robberies, by a man on a bike. The first happened at the intersection of DeArmas Street and Florence Avenue and the second happened at Deborah and Florence Streets, less than a mile apart.

There was also a fatal shooting in the 100 Block of Cypress Grove Court.

Asher believes the reason is more people are reporting when they've been attacked.

"50 percent rise in sexual assault and rape sounds bad and obviously any one crime is a tragedy, I would think it's more indicative of improved counting practices coming from NOPD," Asher said.