A former West Baton Rouge deputy who was fired in December after being charged in a bribery and sex scheme in Port Allen is now wanted in New Orleans.

According to our partners at WBRZ, Michael Lafayette is accused of stealing from Dr. Kam Zaheri while buying his pool table. Zaheri is moving to Florida and selling his home along with most of its possessions after being diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. 

Lafayette allegedly went to Zaheri's house to purchase the pool table, but stole collectible gospel singer statues that were displayed in the home while he was there.

Zaheri told WBRZ that he gave Lafayette the chance to return the statues, but he refused. Luckily, the theft was captured on surveillance camera.

"Sadly this guy is a con artist," Zaheri said. "He came in presenting himself as a church-going guy... and for him to just violate us if you will and walk out...it's sad." 

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