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Report: Man 'catfished' with erotic messages before being ambushed by bounty hunters

According to the report by New Orleans Advocate Reporter Matt Sledge, Malik London's lawyer claims he was catfished by state-licensed bounty hunters.

NEW ORLEANS – A wanted man allegedly shot a bounty hunter after being lured to a New Orleans coffee shop with the promise of sex.

According to a report from The New Orleans Advocate, Malik London, 22, went to PJs Coffee in the 6600 block of Franklin Avenue Thursday afternoon for what he thought would be a romantic date with a woman he met online. What he didn’t know was the woman he was messaging was actually a male bounty hunter.

London’s lawyer, Jerry Settle, told The New Orleans Advocate that his client received erotic messages on social media and was lured to the coffee shop with the promise of sex with a woman he’d never met in person.

Instead, bond agents in multiple vehicles showed up to corner him.

According to the report, police said that London tried to escape in his car when he noticed a state-licensed bounty hunter wearing a white badge with the words “fugitive recovery agent” on his shirt. London then allegedly rolled down his window and opened fire on the bounty hunter.

London was wanted for failing to appear in court in a domestic violence case.

He was later arrested for attempted second-degree murder.

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