NEW ORLEANS -- The continuing violence in New Orleans is leading community leaders to take a stand.

"I am totally committed to dealing with what I call the new Battle of New Orleans," said Archbishop Gregory Aymond.

Others agreed.

"The criminals that we have in our community just don't respect anyone, young or old, and so the criminals have forced us out here to take a stand," said Women Standing Up Founder Roberta Brown.

Brown’s organization committed to installing cameras in crime hot spots, energized by Connie Davis, who is raising four grandchildren after her daughter was murdered.

"They still haven't found her killer, because people are scared to talk," Davis said.

The group bands together to try to help those affected by violence.

"Women from across this city have come together so that we can install crime cameras in every area of the city," explained Cynthia Wiggins, with Woman Standing Up.

Leaders said people should not feel afraid to report danger in the community.

"We should feel comfortable in calling Crimestoppers, and collaborating with them," Aymond urged. "That's extremely important."

Crimestoppers is kicking off Project Good Samaritan, enlisting help from religious leaders citywide, pooling resources to report crime and help victims. It's an idea started by Detroit Bishop James Williams.

"The impact is that people begin to see organizations like Crimestoppers and the churches as being a vital player in the community," Bishop Williams said he expects will happen here based on what he experienced in Detroit.

Crimestoppers officials said fear is a big reason people don’t call to give tips.

"In New Orleans the first change I want to see is that I hope more people will start to call, will continue to call, that the person sitting in the church will be the messenger for, to say this is safe," said Crimestoppers President Darlene Cusanza.

Leaders are urging residents to overcome their fears.

"Do not be afraid," pleaded Roberta Brown. "We have to stand up and do what we need to do to save our community.”

Women Standing Up and Project Good Samaritan are two of the efforts taking a stand to find solutions to this city's crime problem.

"People ask me all the time, what's the solution to this, the long term solution? I think it's simple: Family life," concluded the Archbishop.

Crimestoppers can be reached at 822-1111, through their website at Women Standing Up can be called at 249-8538, or their website at