NEW ORLEANS – A 2011 Tulane graduate in New Orleans to look for possible wedding places with his fiancée was found shot to death early Saturday morning after going out on the town with some friends and then ending up quite a distance from his original location, alone, robbed and shot to death.

Rolfes’ body was found near South Claiborne and Amelia streets early Saturday.

Thomas Rolfes, a 2011 graduate of Tulane arrived in town Friday and took off with some college friends. His fiancée, who arrived later, went to a hotel and turned in for the night.

VIDEO: Surveillance video shows Rolfes in convenience store before shooting

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Rolfes apparent went to Ms. Mae’s bar with friends. He disappeared from that location. He could later be seen on surveillance video buying some items from a convenience gas store on South Claiborne around 3:30 a.m. It was a few blocks from where his body was found by police. Rolfes still had his cell phone on him, but it was dead. His wallet was gone.

Rolfes’ fiancée said he didn’t have a car, so police are trying to find out how he got from the bar to the gas station.