NEW ORLEANS - After several weeks of violence, the New Orleans Police Department says one 7th Ward neighborhood seeing positive changes.

Police credit a shift in tactics and technology.

One resident, Doris Grandpre, said she is happy to see changes in her 7th Ward neighborhood. She says the crime was getting out of control with three shooting within three weeks; two of them being deadly.

“So far, now it's kind of quiet but before this happened there were gun shots every night,” Grandpre said.

“We've all gotten numb. It's not as shocking anymore. Isn't that a bad thing?” another 7th ward resident said.

New Orleans Police say violent crime in the 5th District is down 22 percent in the last four weeks. NOPD Chief Michael Harrison and 5th District Commander Frank Young said a crime plan has been implemented across the city during the summer is making a difference.

More changes are on the way. However, there are currently about 50 license plate readers in the city and about 70 more are expected within a month. After that, crime cameras will be installed.

“We're going to blanket this city with both license plate readers and crime cameras that will be fed into the real time crime center by the end of this year. So we can have eyes on these communities and we can find out who's committing crimes and hold people accountable,” Harrison said.

Homeowners like Grandpre said they already feel the impact.

“They're patrolling the streets. Just about every time you come out, they're riding around. Makes you feel safe,” Grandpre said.

“No complaints about them. They can't stop everything, you can't read a person's mind. The police are here,” another resident said.

“You'd be surprised all the strange people walking around but since they've been patrolling you're not seeing that much anymore. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable because it's too quiet,” Grandpre said.