A woman is facing life in jail after being convicted of beating two over during a fight about using the restroom during a Mardi Gras parade.

A jury convicted 32-year-old Evelyn Clanton Wednesday night on two counts of aggravated battery. The charges represent Clanton’s third felony conviction for a designated crime of violence, which triggers the automatic life sentence.

Around 7 p.m. on February 19, 2017, Clanton struck two siblings in the face with a pipe at a restroom near Third Street and St. Charles Avenue.

Officials said Clanton came over to defend her sister who got in a scuffle with a woman over the restroom. After Clanton hit her in the face with a pipe, the victim’s brother came over trying to break up the scuffle but Clanton also struck him in the face with the pipe.

Prosecutors said during the fight, Clanton broke two of the woman’s front teeth. They added the victim’s brother had to have plastic and neurosurgery after being hit several times in the head and face with the pipe.

“There was a large hole in his face where his nose should have been,” said police in a warrant during the investigation.

Officials also said both victims have lasting facial scars because of the fight.

Clanton now faces an automatic life sentence following her third felony conviction for a crime of violence.

The Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office said Clanton currently has four felony convictions and four misdemeanor convictions on her record since April 2009 which includes convictions for simple battery, attempted theft, violation of a protective order, and two counts each of domestic abuse battery and simple criminal damage to property.

They added she still has an open felony case for battery of a police officer in January 2017.

An earlier version of this story stated this case was Clanton's third felony conviction. However, a clarification from the Orleans Parish District Attorney's Office made a correction that this is Clanton's third felony conviction for a crime of violence.