There's a skin care line that came on the market recently with an active ingredient that has never been used before. And local doctors and people in the public eye like it for the subtle changes without causing irritation.

When Devin Boyd won Miss Baton Rouge USA over the summer, it was time to get in top shape for the Miss Louisiana USA Pageant. Along with the clean, strict diet and exercise routine, she wanted her skin at its best.

"I just wanted smooth and on stage and up close in my interview for Miss Louisiana with the judges. I just wanted smooth under the eyes, no puffiness," said Boyd. 

So dermatologist Dr. Mary Lupo recommended a new generation cosmeceutical with an active ingredient unlike any other ever on the market.

"The woman who owns the company happen to notice that in these fisheries, that the people who were working within the fisheries, had beautiful hands," said Dr. Lupo, a board certified dermatologist in New Orleans.  

Restorsea PRO uses a natural enzyme that is released when baby salmon hatch from their eggs.

"What is so nice about this product is it is the best way to exfoliate in a totally non-inflammatory mechanism, so it reveals the healthier skin underneath," said Dr. Lupo. 

Like retinoids, it accelerates skin turnover but without the redness, flakiness and dryness people with sensitive skin experience at times.

"This product can be used on even the most sensitive skin and in fact my favorite use for it is the super sensitive area around the eyes," said Dr. Lupo. 

"I think the verdict is out on the exact mechanism and there are studies ongoing with this particular ingredients to try to really tease out what's happening in the skin.  But we know that one of the most important components of a daily skin care regimen is exfoliation. You know it's those dead skin cells on the surface that really leave your skin looking dull," explained Dr. Patricia Farris, a board certified dermatologist in Metairie.  

The doctors say people see improvement ing tone, texture, fine lines and more even pigment without water loss to the skin. It's put underneath your retinoid at night and sunscreen in the day. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow use it but it is for all ages. Young patients are especially embracing it. Devin used the eye serum twice a day and noticed a difference in five weeks.

"I did notice when I put my make up on it was going on smoother. It didn't feel cakey, or getting clumpy in spots. Gradual changes but I did notice a difference," said Boyd. 

"You get a quick improvement and then you're stimulating repair mechanisms," said Dr. Lupo. 

Devin made it to the top 10 in Miss Louisiana USA and won best in swimsuit fitness. Only 25 years old,  she thinks you're never too young for skin care.

"I'm thinking just prevention, you know, even though I don't have something now, doesn't mean you don't start now," she said.