The missing GoPro that contained images of Dr. Laila Jiwani's final moments with her family has been found. 

She was killed by a falling tree while hiking in Great Smoky Mountains National Park with her husband and three sons. 

In a statement, American Airlines said it means a lot they were able to locate the missing GoPro. They also extend well-wishes to the family. 

"We are happy to have located the GoPro," a representative from American Airlines said. "We know this is a difficult time for the family, and we thank the numerous American team members who assisted in the search." 



The search is on for a GoPro left on a flight from McGhee Tyson to Dallas-Fort Worth on Dec. 29.

The GoPro has the final images of Laila Jiwani, the mother of three killed by a falling tree in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on Dec. 27.

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Aysha Moosa, the cousin of Jiwani's husband Taufiq, put out a Facebook post asking for the GoPro's return. 

She even offered a cash reward, saying they just want the files back.

American Airlines responded to her tweets, and a customer relations representative replied directly to her Facebook post.

Moosa also asked GoPro if the files could be recovered remotely, but without a cloud back-up there is little they can do.

However, the family is hopeful the memories can be recovered. They are asking people to share the post so the files can be returned to the Jiwani family.