The family of a New Orleans man who died when he drove his SUV into Lake Pontchartrain late Saturday afternoon is searching for answers.

Monday, Anteal Jackson, III, sat on the steps of the home he shared with his father Anteal Jackson, Jr., in the Ninth ward with a heavy heart.

"You would have to really stomp on the accelerator for that car to go that fast into that water," Jackson said. "I just want to know why he would do that."

Jackson's father went under water at the end of the Bonnabel Boat Launch in Metairie. Jackson knew something was wrong when his father called to tell him he was lost.

"I'm like what you mean, you're lost," Jackson said. "He's like, I don't know where I'm at."

Minutes later, Jackson's father drove down the boat ramp into the lake and drowned.

He said his father had diabetes, high blood pressure and glaucoma.

"Something had to happen," Jackson said. "I was thinking he went into a diabetic coma and the car was running and maybe in gear and his foot was on the accelerator."

This wasn't the first fatal accident at the Bonnabel Boat Launch.

Just last January, authorities say a 52-year-old woman died when her tenant drove her minivan into the water.

Some people are now wondering if anything can be done to prevent vehicles from accidentally entering the lake.

"You'd have to put some type of railing like that you got to go through to get in secure buildings and stuff," Metairie resident David Schroder said.

"You know, it's a boat launch," Metairie resident Ann Marie St. Clair said. "It's designed to back your boat into the water. You can't restrict that."

Jackson hopes the parish will take some steps to improve safety at the boat launch.

"Maybe they can put up maybe a little barrier that could be moved when the boats go in," Jackson said. "Something that's easy to move that would prevent a car from going in."

A spokesman for Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni said for now, the parish is not considering any new safety improvements to the boat launch.

He also noted that in recent years the parish rebuilt the ramps and installed new security cameras there.