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Friends honor Sharree Walls in Krewe of Red Beans parade after Esplanade accident

27-year-old Sharree Walls is remembered as someone who always lit up the room

NEW ORLEANS — As the parade marched through the Marigny on Lundi Gras, people remembered their friend and Krewe of Red Beans member Sharree Walls. 

She was one of the bicyclists killed in Saturday's deadly crash on Esplanade Avenue that left two people dead and seven others injured.

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Walls was engaged in more than just the krewe: She was involved in organizations like the YMCA of Greater New Orleans and EPNO (Emerging Philanthropists of New Orleans). 

"She was smart, a lovely person and it's going to take along time to get over it," said Devin deWulf.

Friends of Walls are shattered by the news of her death. DeWulf said he'll remember her as a compassionate woman. 

"As soon as we found out, it's a devastating thing, when you find out oh, it's actually my friend," he said.

Walls' life came to a tragic end on Esplanade Avenue around 8:00 p.m. Saturday night. She died along with 31-year-old David Hynes when a suspected drunk driver hit them.

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"It all happened very fast but I heard a screeching noise, and then I heard someone scream," said Emma Flucke, a witness to the accident. "It sounded like a woman and I heard a loud crash."

Several women saw it happen with their parents and described the scene to Eyewitness News. They add they did what they could to help.

"People crying, screaming so I got up because I heard my mom running out and she said Emma, call 911!" described Emma Bonaldi.

"So I think I ran down there about to try I don't know what I was going to do but I was going to do something," said Emily Brocato.

"Then we walk out and we see all these people around him giving CPR, it's a crazy sight to see," said Bonaldi.

On Monday, two days later, Walls' senseless death still seems unreal to DeWulf. He adds it's all felt like a bad dream. 

"It's a shame that we can't see what happens with her life, that it has to end like this but I think everyday she was here I think she brought light to everything," he said. 

"We have to appreciate every moment and we love our city but there are things in this city that are not okay: the violence, and something like a drunk driving incident during Mardi Gras. I'd like to think we can do better as a city and as a community. After what happened two years ago during Endymion, to have this happen again is just in my opinion absurd, and I'm not happy about it."

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DeWulf said she brought light to every room she entered and every person she met. That includes to strangers, who were moved Monday to visit the site of the accident. Many left small tokens like flowers and candles in the her and the other victims' honor. 

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