NEW ORLEANS -- There is a long list of words Dwayne Breashears used to describe his friend Jacqui Stavis.

"Warm, positive, inviting, friendly, loving, creative," were just a few, he said.

28-year-old Stavis died Saturday after being struck by lightning during the T-Bois Blues Festival in Larose. Witnesses said she hid in a tent for shelter during bad weather.

"To see or hear that someone who was so positive and vital, I can't think of enough adjectives to describe Jacqui," Breashears said. "How does this happen?"

Bethany Bultman is a family friend who has known Stavis since she was young. She said Stavis was always a fan of music and New Orleans, so living here was a dream.

"Her friends have reached out, and said they used to watch her at concerts because she was so much fun and she got so much joy out of everything she ever did," Bultman said.

There is a 1 in 700,000 chance of getting struck by lightning, and it's not always fatal.

Friday's lightning strike injured two other women and also killed a dog.

Dr. James Aiken with LSU Health Sciences Center said if Stavis could have made it to a sturdy shelter, or even a car, she could possibly be alive today. Aiken said anytime you hear thunder, it is best to seek shelter. Lightning can strike up to 25 miles from the storm.

As friends remember Stavis, they said the reality of how she died may never sink in.

"That is what is so hard," Bultman said. "This wonderful young life was taken out by something so random."