Many people take supplements for health, but what if they could specifically help your skin?

Now, a new generation of skin cream and supplements are being used to reverse skin damage and aging. 

Stephanie Loerwald LeBlanc admits she was not a friend to her skin.

"Always in the sun. Always tanning on the beach. Our family is from Lafitte so we were on the trawl boats, constant tanning," said LeBlanc, 53.

On top of that, everyday she committed the ultimate skin sin, using a tanning bed.

"I would just go into my room, tan for 30 minutes at a time, and naturally caused a lot of sun damage and collagen loss," she said.

Then in her early 50s, with a child's wedding approaching and a relative diagnosed with skin cancer, she turned to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Mary Lupo for help.

"Lots and lots of fine lines and the collagen was gone," LeBlanc said of her skin before treatment.

Now the tanning is gone too.

To jump start the process, Dr. Lupo prescribed a Fraxel laser treatment. Then, she recommended something new and different anyone can do at home. She put Stephanie on supplements to repair the skin from the inside, and a new generation of skin serum.

"It's not just using sun protection, it's also using topical antioxidants. It's also about the diet that you have. It's also about getting the proper amount of rest and stress control, so its a very holistic approach," Dr. Lupo said about having healthy skin.

The serum is PROVOQUE. She says it's a major advancement in stem cell technology and growth factors. Her patients see 40 percent faster healing after laser and office procedures, as well as smoother looking skin with normal use.

"I am getting universal feedback from my filler patients who have been using this product, that using it twice a day, they notice that they don't need to have their filler quite as frequently as they felt that they were needing before," said Dr. Lupo.

Next, a combination of daily supplements, PRN and Lumity. She says the targeted ingredients combat free radical damage and the breakdown of collagen. The omega-3 fatty acids fight destructive inflammation.

"If you get a pure grade fish oil supplement, there's anti-inflammatory benefits for acne, for aging, for inflammatory skin conditions, but also for aging" explained Dr. Lupo.

Within weeks, Dr. Lupo said Stephanie looked profoundly different. Friends agree.

"'Your skin is amazing. What have you done? You used to have all the fine lines and the sun and you had the brown spots. They're gone,'" LeBlanc remembers her friends and family telling her. 

Dr. Lupo says if patients start this regimen earlier in life, they'll need fewer dermatology treatments. The supplements are also reportedly good for the heart, brain, sleep and energy levels.

PROVOQUE- $180.00/ Eye Complex $120

Lumity- $108.00
PRN- $120.00

(PROVOQUE and Lumity are one month supplies and PRN is a 2 month supply.) 

All products are sold in doctor's offices without a prescription: 


In New Orleans, the following doctors currently carry it:

Mary Lupo

Felix & Barbara Bopp

Sharon Meyer

On the cusp of purchasing and will once the spot airs

Kate Holcomb

Patty Farris

Nia Terezakis

Kyle Acosta

Jim Shrum of Gulfport MS

It can be purchased online, via ‘find a physician’ on

**All of the proceeds go towards treating women with ovarian cancer. The company has a Phase-2 clinical trial approved by the US FDA, going on now at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach California. Hoag is a world renowned, first class hospital. Its previous clinical data indicate a 72 percent survival rate, the highest survival rate ever reported in the cancer literature. 

PROVOQUE Facial Serum is a stem cell-conditioned media containing growth factors secreted by stem cells. Packaged in an easy to apply cosmetic formulation, PROVOQUE Facial Serum improves the appearance of wrinkles, skin firmness, softness and radiance.

PROVOQUE Facial Serum has been developed by AiVita Biomedical Inc., a biotechnology company with a solid trajectory in stem cell research, and will be commercialized through ALPHAEON Corporation, a social commerce company in lifestyle healthcare.

"Thanks to our unique in vitro culture system, PROVOQUE Facial Serum has over 25 stem cell-derived growth factors, which can help improve the appearance of the skin," said Hans Keirstead, PhD, CEO of AiVita. "The technology utilized in PROVOQUE is backed by two clinical evaluations confirming the product’s performance."

The larger of the two studies published in the May 2016 issue of the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology: "Human Stem Cell-Derived Skin Progenitors Produce Alpha 2-HS Glycoprotein (Fetuin): A Revolutionary Cosmetic Ingredient." The study examined the effect of human stem cell-conditioned media containing stem cell-derived growth factors on aged skin for 12 weeks. The results showed that the evaluated parameters (appearance of wrinkles, firmness, radiance, texture and softness) improved in as early as two weeks. The appearance of wrinkles improved in as early as 14 days, with significant results after 56 days.*

"We are proud to continue to grow our beauty product portfolio by adding an innovative product like PROVOQUE," said Chris Marmo, PhD, President of Beauty, ALPHAEON. "Our partnership with AiVita Biomedical underscores our commitment to deliver breakthrough beauty solutions, and we look forward to expanding our product portfolio with this novel technology."

According to a company spokesman, "The skin of cancer patients is very fragile, due to chemotherapy regimes. Use of PROVOQUE will very likely help them."

ALPHAEON recommends speaking to a board-certified physician about these products. To learn more about the new line and find a physician who carries it, please visit



Lumity is an anti-aging supplement that works from within to restore youthful efficiency at the cellular level thanks to a scientifically-calibrated blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Backed by clinical trials, its unique formula harnesses the body's circadian rhythm to counter the nine causes of aging and stimulate natural aging defenses like powerful antioxidant glutathione and human growth hormone (HGH). Unlike supplements formulated for the isolated correction of areas like skin, hair or nails, Lumity's ingredients help build a foundation of health for beauty benefits you can see and feel, well beyond what is possible through diet alone.

To see the effects of the twice-daily supplement on real women, we sent an eight-week sample to members of our Beauty Influencer Panel, and this is what they had to say: After eight weeks of use, 75 percent of respondents said their sleep had improved, and more than half felt like they experienced fewer energy slumps during the day and were more mentally alert. On the beauty side, more than half of the testers agreed their nails became stronger and healthier and their skin more hydrated and supple. They also saw improvement in specific skin conditions (fine lines, sagging and lack of hydration) that concerned them. Multiple respondents noted that their skin appeared brighter and smoother, not only on their faces, but also throughout their bodies. One tester enthusiastically wrote: "Compliments on my skin have been pouring in!" The most common feedback among testers who tried Lumity was the significant improvement in their sleep and energy throughout the day, and that is something no amount of cream can do.



Product is also for dry eye: