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City of New Orleans unlikely to adopt Louisiana COVID changes immediately

A spokesman said the city would probably have some announcements on any changes in COVID orders later in the week.

NEW ORLEANS — Regardless of what plans Governor Edwards announces for the state of Louisiana’s reopening status, the city of New Orleans will likely not follow suit immediately.

That was the word from the city’s director of communications, Beau Tidwell, at his weekly press address.

Tidwell said the city is not aware of the details of Governor Edwards’ new order, which will take effect on Wednesday, March 31, but he said that the city would probably take some time to analyze it before making any changes.

Tidwell said that approximately 32 percent of the city’s residents have had at least one COVID shot and that 20 percent are fully vaccinated, but he cautioned that large gatherings this Easter weekend should be taken with cautionary steps. He said the city did not anticipate closing streets, but added, “We remain cautious.”

Currently the state of Louisiana is in a Modified Phase-3 of the COVID reopening order, but that expires Wednesday and Governor Edwards is likely to announce the details of a new order at a Tuesday press briefing. It is expected that with the numbers in the state at lows not seen since March 2020, and with vaccinations continuing, that some restrictions will be eased.

The city of New Orleans has usually lagged the state’s orders by at least a week. Tidwell said that will likely be the case again.

“We are likely not going to be immediately in lock step with the state,” he said.

Tidwell did say he expected some announcements from the city later this week on guideline updates, but that they would not come Tuesday.

“The current guidelines for the city will remain in place until further notice,” he said.

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