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Louisiana's abortion ban reimposed, lawsuit moved to Baton Rouge

The decision came the same day President Joe Biden issued an executive order to protect access to abortion.

NEW ORLEANS — Louisiana’s abortion ban is back in effect after a ruling from a New Orleans judge Friday afternoon. Judge Ethel Simms Julien ruled that the lawsuit must be moved to East Baton Rouge Parish, which then gave up any jurisdiction to extend the temporary restraining order that temporarily lifted the ban on abortions in Louisiana.

“The laws on the books are absolutely enforceable today,” said Attorney General Jeff Landry. “Our laws are not a buffet that you can cherry pick.”

Landry says any doctor or clinic performing abortions after this ruling are doing so at their own risk. He expects plaintiffs to “rush to Baton Rouge” for a new TRO.

Attorneys for Attorney General Jeff Landry argued that the case should not be heard in Orleans Parish, according to a statute which requires any lawsuits regarding conduct from a state administrator’s official duties to be conducted in the parish of the action. They asked that the lawsuit be moved to East Baton Rouge Parish, home of the State Capitol and Landry’s office.

Attorney for the Plaintiffs, Ellie Schilling argued that the confusion over the trigger bans in Louisiana is worst in Orleans Parish, where District Attorney Jason Williams and New Orleans City Council have vowed not to enforce the law.

Judge Simms Julien ruled that the case could not proceed in Orleans Parish.

Hope Medical Group for Women, an abortion clinic in Shreveport, and Medical Students for Choice, are plaintiffs in the lawsuit, which was filed June 27th. Judge Robin Giarrusso granted a temporary restraining order, temporarily lifting the ban on abortions, until July 8th.

Attorneys for the plaintiff argue that the trigger bans in Louisiana are “constitutionally infirm.” They say there was not adequate notice, and there are insufficient safeguards in the law to protect against arbitrary and discriminatory enforcement.


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