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'Wonder drug'? How painless injections helped a Louisiana woman's weight loss

“It's simple. It's painless, and it was a miracle. In three weeks I lost 18 pounds, and by three months, I had lost 38 pounds..."

Meg Farris (WWL)

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Published: 6:31 PM CST February 9, 2022
Updated: 10:49 PM CST February 9, 2022

When it comes to processing calories, we are not all the same. If your metabolism and hormones don't work well, it's much harder to lose weight. Now there's a medication that is helping to change that, but it might be hard for you to get.

Ramsey Hare says she was always the overweight child, then the heavy girl in high school, college and nursing school. By her 20s, her weight surged to 380 pounds. But at age 30, a birthday trip to the beach changed everything.

“I came back and I looked at the pictures and I was devastated. I had no idea that I looked like that,” said Ramsey Hare, 42.

She could no longer deal with the emotional pain.

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