NEW ORLEANS — After the fleur-de lis-drops, the fireworks fizzle out and the crowds go home it's officially the new year, which for many means New Year's resolutions.

It’s a time for positive changes, which means working out and losing weight are two of the most popular goals for New Orleans residents. On Jan. 1, Gyms like OrangeTheory Fitness and G-Fit NOLA already saw more men and women hitting the treadmill and rowing machines.  

Verufhka Lagos is the studio manager at one OrangeTheory Fitness branch and said that January, February and March are the biggest months of the year for the gym.

“It's New Year resolution time, we're having lots of prospects come in, check out the studio and sign up,” Lagos said.

Gunny West, a co-owner of G-Fit NOLA, said New Year’s resolutions are about one common goal: living a better life.

“Americans, we work the most, we take the least amount of vacation and you can tell it takes a toll on the human body,” West said.  

When asking gym-goers, most said that losing weight, working out and eating healthier top their lists of New Year's resolutions. However, they are not the only goals for 2019.

“This year, it's not being afraid to try new things, not being afraid to make mistakes,” one person said.

“Just be a better version of myself,” another said.

“I guess to eat better, save money and be more compassionate,” one man said.

“Just to be a better me, I want to work on improving myself,” a woman said.

“I guess just to meditate daily, continue exercising,” another woman said.
“Work a little bit less and have a little more fun,” West said.  

There are many positive thoughts to start the new year, but sticking to them —  that's the challenge.